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Post by l Andersen l31l on Thu Mar 08, 2018 4:32 am

1. All owners must go through a 3 part test. The first part is a written test which you must pass with an 80% or higher. Next is a single interview with badprodigy21 on Xbox, the third and final step is a Xbox interview with all commissioners in the league and you have to get a yes by all commissioners.

2. All owners are required to remain owner of the team for the whole season or severe consequences will be put into effect.

3. As an owner it is mandatory for you to make sure you have players ready to play for all games in eog.

4. Owners are required to make trades, pick up free agents, and scout their team.

5. The owner and management team are the only ones allowed to do stats if someone else does stats, for your team and the league finds out you will lose your team.

6. All owners are required to be in the owners chat on group me and must provide a commissioner with their contact information once given a team.

7. It is mandatory for all owners to have a club for your team, you must include the league name,city name,and team name inside your club name for EASHL.

8. All team stats must be in by 12 midnight Est the same day or it will be considered a forfeit loss no matter the score. If you need an extension for your stats you must contact the stats commissioner 1 hour prior to the stats deadline. If this happens 5 times in the season you lose your team (there is no reason your stats should be late).

9. You are required to scout and draft your team.

10. It is mandatory to make sure your team knows the rules.

11. You are not allowed to trade management under any circumstances, you and management are committed to that team and that team only for the whole season.

12. If an owner folds they are done for the season, they cannot be placed on any TC for any other team at all.
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