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Secured Players

Post by Badprodigy21 on Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:54 pm

Secure Players are not just regular roster players the are free signings that you are able to bring with you before the draft. This insures these players have a locked contract to play for your team. Please Read these rules carefully
1. Any player that agrees to your team prior to the draft must send you a Xbox message saying “ I *his/her gamertag* agree to be a a signed contracted player for *your team*. You must send this to a commissioner ( this is mandatory). If a commissioner doesn’t receive this message you will not be aloud to sign this player to a contract. This also includes your management.
2. All management are NOT allowed to be traded this falls under the no trade/release clause( will be mentioned in Trades and Releases rule).
3. Each team will be rewarded prior to the draft with an Owner, General Manager, Assistant General Manager, A returning owner will receive 2 additional players and a new owner will receive 1 additional player. (the C and A are essentially leaders for your team they are not management therefore they will not be aloud to access mso)
4. Any secure player that is caught doing stats will be stripped of their captaincy and moved to TC their salary will follow them the owner will also receive a 10 game suspension during this time a commissioner must be in your team chat. To make sure you aren’t running your team. This is a 1 time warning if it happens again the owner will be stripped from ownership and have a full season ban and will be allowed to return as a player only.( I.e—> this Happens at the 40 game mark if we run a 82 game season you will be removed from the league for the rest of the season so 40 games and your punishment will carry over into the following season so you won’t be aloud to return until the 40 game mark of next season). * This is non negotiable*

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