Gameplay Rules

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Gameplay Rules

Post by Badprodigy21 on Thu Mar 08, 2018 6:45 pm

1. Ragging the puck is not allowed. If a team rags the puck 3 times it is an automatic forfeit no matter the score.You must contact the other owner and also a commissioner to let them know.
2. Ragging the puck is considered when a team carries the puck over the red line and skate back to their net. Another scenario is if the puck isn’t over your teams blue line in 30 seconds
3. Diving and Board play is allowed in the offensive zone.*at your own risk*
4. Each team is required to send the line up for the night to the other owner in a private message on group me 1 hour prior to the first game
5. Games are 9:30&10:30 est don’t forget and don’t miss your games.
6. Stats must done that night.
7. Each team is aloud 2 resets a game this means if the puck crosses over your teams blue line you can turn back and reset the play. Keep in mind you got 45 seconds to cross over again.

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