EOG NHLPA regulations

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EOG NHLPA regulations

Post by Badprodigy21 on Sun May 13, 2018 5:04 pm

Please note *the player association representing your team can not be released or traded they are technically part of management they will remain on your team for the duration of the season so choose wisely *
1. As a member of the NHLPA you need to understand you are not a commissioner.
2. You are a player from your team that is representing not just the players of the league but the league it self you will have the final say unless it is something extremely big the commissioners will have the final say .
3. Anyone who has a problem with the league or a player they come to you first , think of yourselves as the leagues first line of defence people will be notified to go to you first then you address the matter to us.
4. Any minor or major rule changes will brought to your attention then we make the rule change if the majority of the people vote for it or against it. It will be your job to let the players know our decision as a group.
5. Any player wanting to appeal a ban needs to go through the pa first no exceptions
6. Players on this panel will be coloured in Blue lettering on the sheets.
7. Any player selected for the NHLPA will be treated like management. They are not allied to be released or traded.

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