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Post by Badprodigy21 on Sat Jul 21, 2018 8:17 am

Elite Online Gaming All Star Season 4 will be played using NHL 19
The All Star Games will be 4 days long
We will go based on divisions

Day 1 introduces the Skills Competition. Players will be selected by the EOG Media Team and  EOGNHLPA as well as the commissioners of the league. Players will be selected based on stats The Top 8 players (2 players from each division) for the least amount of giveaways will be selected. There will be 4 commissioners in the game as referees.
How it Works:
1.Each player will go a total of 3 times
2. We will do 1 player at a time if you are not the one that is up your job is to lay on the ice or kneel and create obsticles you will be graded out of 5 the player with the most points after 3 rounds will be crowned a champion if there is a tie it will be broken with a tie breaker which will be first player to score 3 goals wins.
3.starting from the Atlantic then the Metropolitan Then the Central then the pacific.

Day 2 indroduces the Shootout Competition Players will be selected for this competition based on goals in the regular season the top 8 will be selected( 2from each division)
How it Works
1. One player will shoot at a time we will go from the Atlantic division then the metro then the central then the pacific.
2. If you are not shooting you are required to stand by the boards where your team is and wait your turn.
3. There will be 3 rounds which ever division scores the most goals wins if there is a tie we will do a 1 goal sudden death where you will alternate between the 2 players from that division.
3. Players can perform dekes and manoeuvres any way  they want however if you lose control of the puck your turn is done.
4. You will not be allowed to go around the net either.

Day 3  introduces the Division mini games this will be selected based on points and hits(minimum 10 games played) in the season.
How it works
1.In this Competition there will be 2 lines so it is the top 12 players from each division
2. You will play the other division in your conference in a full game battle single elimination game the winner from the east will play the winner from the west

Day 4 introduces the Big game EAST VS WEST players will be selected based on their points in the season the top 6 players from the west and the top 6 from the east......1GAME TO DECIDE IT ALL
1. In this competition it’s the best of the best and a single game to decide which conference is the best in eog.
2 ALL GAMEPLAY RULES APPLY INCLUDING LAGOUTS however computer goals will count.

( All players participating in the All Star needs to change the name on their jersey to the team they are representing)

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