eog now accepting owner applications for season 2

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eog now accepting owner applications for season 2

Post by l Andersen l31l on Sun Oct 29, 2017 1:19 am

Attention all members in eog i apologize for the way this current season is going but we are slowly turning things around. If you would like help with this league and keep us pushing to be a great league apply for ownership with our open book test. Also keep in that any player you want either signed up to the site or not please remind them to hit the nhl sign up button when sign ups for season 2 opens up they need to be registered to the draft.
We are looking for mature people who can handle a tough time and stick it out.
Must have previous management experience either in EOG or in another league.
Must know all our rules.
if you have what it takes take the test if you pass you will be contacted by a league commissioner.
l Andersen l31l
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