NHL Regular Season and Salaries

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NHL Regular Season and Salaries

Post by Badprodigy21 on Thu Mar 08, 2018 3:37 pm

1. Game times are 9:30 and 10:30 EST
2. All EOG clubs must be created before the season starts so you can unlock your teams logo, you may create custom jerseys but the colours on your sweater must represent your team colours.
3. If you are using a previously created club you can keep the club name, if you want to create your own club you need to have the league, city, team name *this is mandatory*( EOG Toronto Maple Leafs).
4. All teams must be in their locker room ready to go 5 minutes before game time. The invite must be sent or accepted in between 9:30-9:35 or the team that is ready can choose to give the other team an extra 5 minutes or they can choose to take the forfeit. At 9:41 is a ff no matter the excuse. This rule also applies for the 10:30 game.
5. All players and management must show up to games they are scheduled to play or consequences will be handed out from your owner.
6. Practices are not mandatory but highly recommended. This is to help level your club up but also build chemistry with your teams throughout the season.
7. Teams will consist of a 20 man roster. The rosters will include 1 Owner 2 Management 4secures(returning) 3secures(new) 9 drafts(returning) 10 drafts (new) and 4 Training Camp Players. All players are required to be inside the team chat.
8. When a secured contracted player for some reason gets released the team is responsible for half of their salary. This means you if you release a free signed player you retain 2.5 million dollars.
9. If Anyone from Management gets released for any reason they will have a 2 season Management ban and will not be aloud to play for the rest of the season this will also include your secured players.
10. All gamertag changes must be brought to your owner or a commissioner so it can be processed on the google docs. Any player caught using a different gamertag without the commissioners knowing about the team will receive a loss for any game that player played in and that player will be stripped Of all points he/she got in that specific game.

10. Team salaries will be increased to 50 mil for the season.
11. Owners and Management will retain 0 Mil. Secured skaters will bring over a 4.5 Mil cap with them to that team. A goalie that is secured will carry over 3.5 Mil with them to the team.
12. Players drafted in the first 2 rounds will be worth 4 Mil each. Players being drafted in the 3rd-6th round will be worth 3 Mil. Players drafted between the 7th-10th round will be worth 2 Mil this brings the Salary for the team to around 45 mil that leaves you with 5 mil to spend on fa or trades . Don’t forget you will need to stay inside the 50 Mil cap or the move you want will be denied or reversed if you don’t have the cap space.
13. Team owners may however retain Salaries of players from trades if the want to include that in the trade request.

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