NHL Regular Season and Salaries

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NHL Regular Season and Salaries Empty NHL Regular Season and Salaries

Post by l Andersen l31l on Thu Mar 08, 2018 3:37 pm

1. Game times are 9:30 and 10:30 EST

2. All EOG clubs must be created before the season starts so you can unlock your teams logo, you may create custom jerseys but the colours on your sweater must represent your team colours.

3. If you are using a previously created club you can keep the club name, if you want to create your own club you need to have the league, city, team name *this is mandatory*(EOG Toronto Maple Leafs).

4. All teams must be in challenge club on time to either send or accept a challenge. Picture proof of all forfeit claims is required. If only one team is ready and has proof it’s a forfeit. If both teams have proof it’s a reschedule if no one has picture proof it’s a reschedule. No picture no proof=reschedule.

5. All players and management must show up to games they are scheduled to play or consequences will be handed out from your owner.

6. Practices are not mandatory but highly recommended. This is to help level your club up but also build chemistry with your teams throughout the season.

7. Teams will consist of a 20 man roster. The rosters will include 1 Owner 2 Management 2 secures (returning) 1 secure (New). All players are required to be inside the team chat.

8. When a secured contracted player for some reason gets released, the team is responsible for half of their salary. This means if you release a free signed player and they are 5 mil you retain 2.5 million dollars.

9. If Anyone from Management gets released for any reason they will have a 2 season Management ban, and will not be aloud to play for the rest of the season. your secures will be moved to TC and will not be allowed to be traded they will lock a roster spot up. Their salary will follow them.

10. All gamertag changes must be brought to your owner or a commissioner so it can be processed on the google docs. Any player caught using a different gamer tag without notifying the commissioners, that players team will receive a forfeit loss for any game played by that player while on that gamertag. That player will also be stripped of any pointed he/she accumulated in those games.

11. Any game not started by 9:40 or 10:40 est will be considered a forfeit unless there is no picture proof of your team being ready.

12. You are allowed an extension to start the game but you must ask for an extension before 9:25 or 10:25 est. If no offer to extend time is sent by this time the owner is required to deny you extra time, which means you have till 9:40 or 10:40 to be ready to send or accept a challenge.

13. Any owner that allows their team to forfeit more then 7 times the entire season will be removed from ownership. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


1. Each team will be awarded with a 75 Million Dollar Cap Space.

2. Salaries are based on previous season stats and will grow to a max of 12 mil.

3. The only salaries that change will be the top 100 skaters and the top 50 goalies minimum 5 games played.

4Salaries will be decided by a formula—>GP G/GP SV% GAA

Games played —> 0.1XGP
Goals —>0.1XG
Assists —>0.1XA
Total Points —>0.1XTP
Games played —>0.1XGP
Shutouts —>0.5XSO
Save Percentage—> 0.5 for anything under 750
                                 1 for anything between 750-850
                                  1.5  for anything over 850

Goals Against Average—> 0.5 for anything higher then 3.5
                                          1 for anything between 3-3.5
                                          1.5 for anything between 1.5-3
                                          2 for anything under 1.5
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