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1. Trades will be processed 12-24 hours after the trade gets sent to the league. So do not bug the commissioners to get it done within 5 minutes.
2. Before the draft you may trade draft picks for secures on other teams once we hit 48hours before the draft secures will not be allowed to be traded. They are on your team the whole season.
3. Management are not allowed to be traded once they are in place. You get 1 management change in the season and that’s it otherwise your management is on your team the whole season.
4. Once the season starts your secures are on your team for good they can not be released but they can be traded.
5. Roster players must play a minimum of 2 games in order to be traded.
6 Training Camp players must play a minimum of 0 games in order to be traded.
7. All trades are either approved denied or reversed depending on whether the players involved   meet the requirements or not .

1. Management and Secures can not be released or they will serve a full season ban they committed to your team they have to play.
2. Any drafted player who gets released to free agency must clear waivers first. If they are released for any reason they must contact a commissioner within 24 of being released or they sit out the rest of the season.
3. Any training camp player is released for the season. If they are active don’t release them.
1. Roster players released to free agency or released to waivers must clear waivers before anything can be done.
2.Traing camp players can be released but not to fa/waivers if u release a tc he is done for the season.
3. Players who are waived will be on waivers for 48 hours after that they will be put to training camp or free agency depending on how many tc spots you have open.( this is a non negotiable release if you don’t have a free spot he will be put into free agency).

1. Free Agency opens the Friday after week one.
2. Free Agency bidding will be as followed.—> Each team will bid on the player(must be in the fa pool). After 24 hours the bid will close, The highest bid wins!
3. All players will be on your roster ready to go before the games that same night.

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