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Post by l Andersen l31l on Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:00 pm

1. The EOG Draft will be held on the website in a chat box which will be created and monitored by the commissioners of the league.

2. One representative from each team is allowed to be in the chat only. This means if the owner is unable to preform the draft for his team he may appoint his gm or agm only. If you don’t have a representative to work the draft for your team you will not be able to sign any player you wanted until the following day. *NO EXCEPTIONS*.

3. Each team will be awarded 45 seconds to select the player from free agency.

4. Attendance will be taken 20 minutes before the draft start time of the draft. We will not begin until all teams are present.

5. The draft will start in between 8-8:20 pm EST.

6. When inside the draft chat all conversations must be limited to a minimum. The only time you should be speaking in the draft chat is when your team is selected to make your pick, you will be required to make your pick then not talk until your turn is up again.

7. Any new player that isn’t already in the player database once accepted to the website by an administrator he or she will need to sign up for the new season. *NO EXCEPTIONS*.

8.Each team is required to complete the whole draft, there are 10 rounds.
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